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Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Game Emulator System: SNES
The last of the three installments launched inside the Super Nintendo's groundbreaking Super Star Wars collection, Super Return of the Jedi featured the equal difficult-as-nails, movement-heavy version of its adapted movie as the 2 titles preceded it however it eclipsed them in gameplay range. The roster of playable characters grew to five special heroes right here, as in addition to controlling Luke, Chewie, and Han, you furthermore may now were given to step into the position of the rugged, bow-wielding Ewok Wicket and put on the gold bikini as slave-costumed Leia. Leia wasn't displaying that tons skin for the complete journey, of direction, as she also wore her bounty hunter conceal and Endor wooded area survival equipment at the appropriate factors within the tale which just delivered more range to the gameplay, seeing that each wardrobe alternate gave her all-new actions and capabilities.