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Adventure Island 2

Adventure Island 2 - Play Nintendo NES Games Online

Adventure Island II took the unique Adventure Island’s incredibly tedious truthful platforming and fleshed it out, becoming the inspiration for a stable series. Years before Yoshi first filled a fat plumber on his returned, Adventure Island II offered a number of the coolest dinosaur wrangling in the commercial enterprise. The game’s protagonist, Master Higgins, a yachting playboy with a knack for taming large lizards, sets out on his adventure with little greater than a ball cap and a grass skirt. Throughout the game’s island international, which consist of tropical jungles, tepid swamps and funky caverns, our guy Higgins happens upon various implements of stone-age destruction, like axes and, uh… Skateboards. Some of the islands’ giant eggs % ferocious but adorable dinos who will can help you hitch a experience till they take harm. Treat them nicely and you will be driving thru the eight islands in style.

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