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Dragon Warrior

Play Dragon Warrior - Nintendo NES Games Online

Before Final Fantasy, there has been Dragon Warrior. Known as Dragon Quest in Japan, Dragon Warrior was one of the NES’s early ruin hits that did not come from Nintendo itself, even though it turned into launched nearly 3 years after it’saw the light of day on its local Japanese Famicom. RPGs have been nonetheless an incredibly area of interest style at the time and Dragon Warrior changed into no assured hit. However, word of mouth mixed with a Nintendo Power promotion that despatched copies of the sport around the united states allowed it to blow up. Dragon Warrior is an vintage-school grinding RPG that necessitated acute attention to leveling up, equipment management and smart making plans. No sooner might an unprepared adventurer depart a city and cross a bridge into a brand new place than he might locate himself smashed via an enemy an awful lot stronger than he. Because of that, there has been no speeding round; Dragon Warrior turned into for patient game enthusiasts handiest. And woe is the gamer who forgot to hold down the Reset button while turning off his NES. The catastrophic records loss that resulted ruined many a gamers’ month.

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