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Metal Storm

Play Metal Storm - Retro Games Nintendo NES Online

From a technical viewpoint, Metal Storm is something of a tour de pressure. From simulated parallax meaning a couple of backgrounds transferring at varying speeds to precise, multi-celled animation, this mech platformer pushes the NES to the very limits of its hardware talents. More importantly, this smart identify takes platforming’s greatest crutch gravity and turns it on its head. You play an M-308 Gunner mech, which capabilities super (Magnetic? Rocket? Voodoo?) era that lets in it to flip from floor to ceiling with abandon. After a few minutes with Metal Storm you may pity Mario for being this kind of floor certain chump. Eventually, you have to learn to observe your gravity-defying talents to puzzles, even as at the very identical time making use of your blasters to the faces of many, many enemy robots.

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