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Super C

Play Nintendo NES Retro Games Online - Super C

Super C, the really lamentably-titled sequel to Contra, capabilities the same co-op shooter motion of the first without toying with the method too much. If you are thinking, that system is one part Aliens, two parts First Blood, and possibly a dash of Predator to hold matters amazing. A port of a graphically advanced arcade model, Konami gave Super C lots of affection to assist it make a a success transition, inclusive of the addition of several specific stages. The pseudo-3D tiers that broke up the facet-scrolling motion in Contra are changed with vertical-scrolling degrees, however the graphical style, gameplay and even the guns all continue to be identical to the original. Super C, like Contra, is a almost best cooperative experience, and is high-quality loved with a pal to excessive five as the enduring degree finish track performs. A one-of-a-kind Konami Code can be used to get 10 lives in Super C, making it handiest 1 3 as awesome because the unique Konami Code.

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