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Wizards and Warriors

Play Nintendo NES Games Online - Wizards and Warriors

Wizards and Warriors is the debut title of a traditional, if depressingly anti-climatic NES trilogy. In it, our metal-clad protagonist, Kuros, units out on a quest to shop no longer one, but several distressed damsels (and we’re not talking approximately some unpleasant dude in mushroom regalia). Along the manner you may explore via many, many knightly leaps lofty treetops, labyrinthine caverns and an suddenly tall fortress tower. In a groovy adventure gaming twist, you will need to satisfy a positive booty (diamonds, now not damsels) quota before being able to go out every location, however don’t anticipate a sign analyzing Here Be Treasure. Wizards and Warriors is about probing every corner together with your trusty blade for treasure chest, valuable gems etc. Along the manner you’ll score numerous weapon upgrades, although Kuros’s trademark duds never alternate. This makes it all of the more mysterious that he seems as a strapping bare dude on the quilt, however hello, the ones have been extraordinary times.

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