Game Control Instruction
wasd mouse 1...4 = weapons space = jump shift = run tab = pause p = fullscreen t = chat c = crouch ctrl = prone r = reload

Advanced L-Fare

Play Online Game - Advanced L-Fare

The recreation Advanced L Fare isn’t always just an ordinary 3-d multiplayer shooter. Advanced L Fare gives a total of ten maps with beautiful pictures that appear like they have been built from box of bricks, and on each one in every of them, you will be capable of attempt out mode referred to as “fight with a girl”, wherein you may seem in the center of a fierce fight towards the ladies and their buying handbags. Do no longer get fooled, the girls can hit difficult, in keeping with what the ones, who already were given hit from them, informed us. It appears that they’ve bricks in the ones handbags, so watch out, and do not get one right on your head. Now, it’s miles handiest as much as you, which facet you make a decision to enroll in. Hopefully, you will be as a minimum a chunk happy with the truth that you may use against them a shotgun or a great antique AK. Anyway, I might virtually suggest to keep away from brief-variety fights. Have amusing.

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