Game Control Instruction
wasd mouse 1...9 = weapons tab = menu r = reload c = crouch shift = run ctrl = prone space = jump p = fullscreen nm = change weapon t = chat enter = send message

Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3

Play Online Game - Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3

Slenderman isn’t always the handiest risk of Minecraft world! All courageous pixel warriors are now marching to the war to face even bigger chance! You can either wager what it is able to really be, or stay in the frontline when this enemy seems proper in front of your eyes. You do no longer ought to be an oracle to wager which choice is greater thrilling… Nine effective guns, 9 interesting maps, quite a few enemies to shoot down! The most effective question is who those enemies virtually are… You guessed right! Zombies! Pixel Apocalypse! Can you act as a brave pixel warrior and shield your land from this danger in this movement-packed 3D multiplayer recreation? Have fun.

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