Game Control Instruction
wasd mouse 12 = guns tab = game menu c = crouch/view e/enter = enter a vehicle x = cover space = roll

Adventure City

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Niko is returned in Liberty City! After few years in the jail, he got unwell of that terrible life of a crook. That is why he is again, he would really like to visit his cousin Roman – only a circle of relatives reunion, you realize… However, right on the airport, Niko is below fireplace! Corrupted law enforcement officials are hunting him for no apparent cause. Luckily, he is constantly sporting his Russian weapons. It is time to show the ones dirty law enforcement officials Russian style of war. Merciless killing gadget Niko is prepared to shoot down all his enemies. Screw that reunion, this gunfight is gonna be a great deal greater interesting! Explore the whole city, and kill enemy police officers. Steal motors, ruin them, and keep in mind those suitable vintage instances while everything become simply blowing up! Have fun.

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