Game Control Instruction
single player arrows space r = repair enter = reset shift = clutch fv = gear up/down 1...6 = view multiplayer player 1 edsf az = gearbox left shift = clutch l ctrl = handbrake r = repair space = reset 1...5 = view player 2 arrows r ctrl*-* = gearbox *,* = clutch *.* = handbrake r = repair enter = reset 6...0 = view


Play Online Game - CarS

Do you bear in mind multiplayer racing games of vintage instances with home windows in a screen? Those were the days! Remind it for yourself thanks to our riding recreation Cars. You can race against your friend (we suggest set guide gearbox), or simply choose a extraordinary gaming mode and play by myself. Here you could take part of a race for time and examine your time with other players, or honestly forget about also this mode and pick out unmarried player mode offering freedom trip. Because right here it’s going to now not approximately town sights and taking part in splendor of nature, you’ve got available three racing automobiles at the same time as two of them are in a position to conquer pace 300 km/h. Anyway, due to the fact the map consists of a city, we added additionally an average town car Peugeot 207, despite the fact that not in its serial model. This one has 4×4 force which without a doubt are available on hand during city spree. Unfortunately, out of town it’s going to not already so a laugh, speed is velocity… Which car turns into your favourite? Have fun.

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