Game Control Instruction
mouse *lmb* = interaction *rmb* = camera move

Dog’s Garden

Play Online Game - Dog's Garden

Welcome to a lovely international this is designed only for the best pal of guy. For the 4-legged fluffs, there are lots of a laugh, loose space, food, and plenty of different things they need for their lives. You sincerely realize the sport The Sims! So now you are going to take care of a big family – a dog p.C.. In the game you will locate 9 breeds of puppies and you could contend with they all. Try to be happy via having their wishes at their first-class. Control the dog and collect the bones around the sector. For the bones you could purchase homes, meals, decorations and lots extra. Do you furthermore mght have your favored breed in the game? You’ll find here Beagle, Bobtail, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Samoyed and others. Have amusing.

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