Game Control Instruction
wasd = move mouse = shoot space = jump shift = run x = cover s = uncover t = action r = reload l = lock/unlock mouse q = change weapon

Insurgents 2

Play Online Game - Insurgents 2

Insurgents is returned! You can begin with the exploring of the brand new maps, experience a lot of new missions in single-player mode, or you can play in opposition to other players. Insurgents 2 brings you new locations and improved photographs. Everything is now equipped in your most gaming revel in. The state of affairs has not modified for the reason that last time, and there may be chaos and “insurgents” anywhere. Everyone fights for himself, so do no longer appearance bach and do now not ask nobody two times. Just shoot, kill and earn money after a successful project. Buy the satisfactory weapons and ammo. Each person is specific. Choose your look, so your enemies will consider you. Step out of the streets to installation order again or raise even larger chaos. Have amusing.

If you’re looking for first sequel of this sport, check Insurgents I.

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