Game Control Instruction
wasd mouse 1...4 = guns r = reload c = crouch ctrl = prone shift = run space = jump t = chat p = fullscreen tab = pause

Revenge of the Pixelman

Play Online Game - Revenge of the Pixelman

Pixelman were given indignant after his final defeat in conflict at Minicas. Now, he risen once more to seek the vengeance for his loss. He collected his former fellows, who agreed along with his plan. The warfare is about to show up, but handiest one side can claim the victory. Will Pixelman discover his vengeance, or will he get crushed yet again? Join his forces or prove the allegiance to his arch-enemy. Revenge of the Pixelman is a 3-d multiplayer shooter game, wherein you may freely select the aspect of the battle and take fight on 9 fantastically designed maps. Each map consists of its own zombie mode, wherein one facet is playing as zombies (creatures with stronger bodily capabilities, however unable to apply any guns). Grab that AK and play. Have a laugh.

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