Game Control Instruction
wasd = move mouse = shoot shift = run space = jump r = reload

Slenderman Must Die: Abandoned Graveyard

Play Online Game - Slenderman Must Die: Abandoned Graveyard

New Slenderman Must Die Chapter Halloween Special

This time you’re on the Abandoned Graveyard. Your undertaking is straightforward. Huntdown and kill Slenderman. His Body is hidden inside the Creepy Church. Find it and BURN it.

In Halloween Special – Explore the massive metropolis and discover 9 inexperienced pumpkins.

*** Features ***

: Three guns: Pistol, Shotgun and AK74M :
: Smooth Controls :
: High exceptional 3-d surroundings snap shots :
: Gameplay from Poison Games which you love :
: Explore The Abandoned Graveyard, Catacombs and Old Church!

Have fun!

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