Game Control Instruction
arrows = ride mouse = change car color t = snapshot r = car repair gh = change car c = change camera i = ignition shift = clutch space = hand brake

Top Speed Muscle Car

Play Online Game - Top Speed Muscle Car

American Muscle! Cars with insane engine potential of unimaginable overall performance! One king regulations all of them… Shelby Mustang GT500-KR. This beast is powered by a 540-horsepower 5.Four-liter (330 CID) supercharged V-eight version of the base GT500 engine with purposeful Cold Air Intake and specific calibration making this automobile an unstoppable system. What about you go out, take a seat into this car and take it for a touch journey around the metropolis? No traffic, no stressful civilians, just you, your car, and large town to discover. Do you sense it? Everybody just envy you that you could even sit down in such vehicle, yet power it… Let’s pass a bit loopy… Speed, more velocity! And right here we cross, drifting mania right inside the town streets! Have amusing.

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