Game Control Instruction
wasd mouse 1...4 = guns r = reload c = crouch ctrl = prone shift = run space = jump t = chat p = fullscreen tab = pause menu

Zumbie Blocky Land

Play Online Game - Zumbie Blocky Land

Days, whilst world was a pleasing play to live in, are now just memories. World has modified. People have changed. Is right here any opportunity to head back in time and stay peacefully another time? The hassle is: ZOMBIES. Latest zombie apocalypse turned into so significant that those creatures are actually in control of more than 1/2 of the planet. Few final camps with brave infantrymen are making ready for last counter-assault. It is now or never. If we fail, our species will perish. So, what about you? Will you be part of one of our squads, and will you combat against the nearly inevitable demise? The preference is yours, however weapons are constantly ready. This war may be crucial for the whole mankind! Have a laugh.

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